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Classification of home (3)-Creative home


Creative home refers to novel and unique home furnishing products, home decorations, etc., which are not often seen in the market and lack of brand home.

Creative home furnishings no longer only meet the practical function of the product, but also impress people with unique design and meet their spiritual needs.

Creative home furnishing as part of the creative industry is developing rapidly in the world. With the improvement of domestic residents’ consumption level, creative home furnishing is heating up rapidly in China, and these local original designs have become an important force to promote the domestic creative home furnishing industry.


1、The core theme of creative home furnishings is “creativity”. It is not the ordinary pots and pans that can be found everywhere in the streets and in your homes. Conventional household items have existed in your homes for many, many years, and what people are most concerned about is their practicality, while creative household items should not only better meet this practicality, but also have the appearance, function and other aspects of creativity, flash point.

2, the birth of each creative housewares have the heart and inspiration of the designer, there are many artistic things hidden inside. Traditional household goods design elements are very little, anyway, basically the same, only the size, color and other aspects of some small differences.

3, creative housewares mainly in the form of cartoons, toys and other carriers, expressing some interesting shape, or the performance of certain classic stories. With humor, fun shape deeply loved by young people.

4, creative housewares are generally made of lightweight, environmentally friendly materials carefully. Organic materials are used more, non-toxic and tasteless, high-grade creative home furnishings also use a lot of new high-tech materials.

5, creative housewares emphasize the combination of functions, many have a variety of functions, ornamental and practical as one.

6, creative housewares in the market is not common. Mainly because its design and production process is relatively special, the design work holds a lot of weight, so it will not be popular in the market in large numbers. Of course, one day, some kind of creative home furnishings in the market if everywhere, then it is not creative home furnishings, it is demoted to ordinary home furnishings.

7、Comparatively speaking, the price of creative housewares will be slightly higher than traditional housewares. This is mainly because their design and production costs are high, the production volume is not large, limited sales caused by. Things are expensive, it is understandable.

8, the main consumer group of creative household goods is 10 to 40 years old stage of the urban population. This stage of friends cutting-edge thinking, curiosity, high requirements for the living environment, the pursuit of fashion, more importantly, the economic strength of friends at this stage is also the strongest, do not care to spend a few small amounts of money to equip their homes beautifully and creatively.


Creative home furnishings originated in Korea and Taiwan and are now taking the world by storm with an unstoppable trend! In Korea, grocery art has been prevalent for a long time, Europe and the United States in recent years also gradually pay attention to the charm of creative home, especially in the busy pace of society brings people all the time under pressure, the charm of fashion home to relieve some of the pressure in life, adding to the interest of life and work.

By the day people pursue higher and higher quality of life, creative home prospects are very broad. The market prospect of creative home is indisputable, as the living standard of the country is improving, the rising standard of public consumption, directly induced people’s pursuit of a higher level of interest in life; fashion, quality, personality, increasingly become an important theme indispensable in life, office; the importance of home decorations highlight the fashion trend jewelry has also become a fashionable gift for units, individuals. Domestic fashion creative supplies market demand space in the strong consumer pull will become unprecedentedly wide.

But the creative home market is mixed, product quality is also mixed, so we must find a good partner. As creative home between household goods and fashion supplies, impulse buying goods, so open a store to be in a place with high traffic, such as commercial streets and shopping plazas.

Happiness index

According to authoritative experts, it is expected that creative home furnishings with characteristics, fashionable personality and practicality will become the necessary home furnishings for domestic families, which has gradually gained attention in recent years. According to a data published by the Home Market Statistics Association, the introduction of creative houseware brings our original impatient, boring life into a lot of fun, so that the daily work of people can go home away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the traffic, not only pleasing to the eye, but also bring relaxation, comfort and happiness, to their tired minds and bodies to recharge, activate the buried passion for life, go back to face the challenges of life. Creative home furnishings advocate a new fashion, accept a new way of life. Changing life with creativity becomes an important factor to enhance the happiness index.