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Discussion on the key technology of construction of decoration and decoration of building projects


As a very important part of the construction of the building, the decoration and renovation project can effectively reflect the beauty of the building. In the construction process of decorative decoration project, the sample room construction is often carried out first, and then the problems in the construction are analyzed and the construction experience is summarized, and then the construction is carried out on a large scale, which can effectively improve the quality of construction and better meet the requirements of people for the beauty of the building.

In this paper, we analyze the key aspects of the construction of building decoration and further elaborate on the quality management measures of building decoration and construction, starting from the characteristics of building decoration and renovation projects.

1.characteristics of architectural decoration project

1.1 Professionalism

Building decoration and renovation project is mainly to further improve the use of the building function, mostly finishes, the project has a certain hidden nature, especially once the pre-buried parts, grass-roots treatment, fire prevention, waterproofing and anti-corrosion and other structural processing work, not only hidden, and easy to be ignored, these construction has high requirements for professionalism, once the construction of the operation is not in place or construction quality does not meet the requirements of the regulations. will leave hidden problems.

1.2 Normality

In the decoration project, while considering the aesthetic effect, it is also necessary to design and install equipment, strong and weak electricity, air conditioning and elevator, which requires effective cooperation between multiple types of work. Therefore, in the specific construction process, both the design, construction technology and construction process need to be in strict accordance with the relevant national standards and norms, and select high-quality construction materials to ensure the normality of construction.

1.3 Complexity

In the specific construction process of building decoration project, not only the construction process is more, and the construction work is very complex, in the construction process there are various types of work and process cross-construction phenomenon, inevitably will bring some impact on the construction site, construction quality, construction progress and construction efficiency, so need to do the preparatory work before the construction, the development of a perfect construction organization plan.

In addition, the current decoration project is mainly manual operation, mechanization is not high, which requires strict control of construction quality in the specific construction process.

1.4 Economy

Building decoration project further improves the use function of the building, reflects the artistry of the building and the sense of the times, reflects the level of science and technology, but from another aspect through the building decoration project can also reflect the situation of the cost of the project, especially in the new situation when new materials, new technologies and new techniques are constantly applied, people’s aesthetic level is constantly improving, which also makes the building decoration project The cost of construction has been increasing.

2.Key aspects of construction decoration and decoration

2.1 General plastering construction

2.1.1 Indoor plastering construction

In the indoor plastering construction, it is necessary to clean the surface of the base in advance, moisten the base with water, and then plaster the bottom layer, middle layer and surface layer, and when these operations are completed, it is necessary to clean and maintain the work. In the specific plastering construction, need to strictly follow the technical requirements of the process, first need to use plastic cement slurry to smear the bottom layer, and then only for the construction of mixed mortar.

When choosing the metal mesh in the construction process, it is necessary to choose the suitable metal mesh for the specific construction situation. In the construction of the opposite layer, as the bottom layer is relatively dry, it is necessary to moisten the bottom layer in advance during the construction process. In the plastering process, it is necessary to reserve the position of pipe holes and plumbing equipment, and to take protective measures for the parts that have been constructed. In the indoor plastering construction, scientific design mortar ratio, to ensure the stability of cement and setting time to match the relevant requirements. In the construction process in maintaining the neatness of the construction surface, ensure that the surface has a good smoothness, control the color of the surface, and try to ensure the uniformity of the color.

2.1.2 Plastering construction of external walls

In the process of exterior plastering construction, it is necessary to do the grass-roots treatment in advance, control the reserved holes, lay the wire mesh, paint the bottom layer, and then paint the other parts, and finally carry out maintenance work. In the process of exterior wall plastering construction, advance wetting treatment of the grass-roots level, laying metal mesh needs to ensure that its position matches the specific requirements, control the ratio of cement mortar used in the construction process so that it can meet the specific design requirements in construction, in the plastering process in the construction quality is strictly controlled to avoid unevenness.

2.2 Floor construction

2.2.1 Construction of cement mortar surface layer

When constructing cement mortar surface layer, try to choose coarse sand and medium sand, strictly control the content of cement, and choose silicate cement. In the specific construction process, the construction technology has high requirements, and it is necessary to compact the cement in the initial setting process to effectively improve the effect of construction. Control the water-cement ratio of plain cement, ensure that the construction of cement mortar surface layer is completed before the final setting of cement, and control the thickness of cement mortar surface layer to avoid the problem of uneven thickness. In the construction of water mortar surface layer also need to effectively prevent the occurrence of cement mortar cracking situation.

2.2.2 Bathroom waterproof construction

In the construction process of building decoration and renovation projects, bathroom waterproofing construction as a very critical link, because in the bathroom in the process of use often have a lot of water trapped in the ground, so the need to control the quality of bathroom waterproofing construction in the construction to ensure the effectiveness of waterproofing.

In the specific waterproofing construction, you need to pour concrete first, then positioning and installation of pipes, ground waterproofing operations, waterproofing effect testing, timely detection of problems and processing, to ensure that no leakage occurs when the construction of protective waterproofing layer. Through the water test up to waterproofing effect to meet the required standards before the installation of sanitary ware. Bathroom waterproofing construction process needs to be in the concrete pouring process to ensure that the pounding dense, and calendering treatment. When the construction of waterproofing layer is completed, the need to check the denseness of the pipe, once found in the pipeline construction and construction requirements do not meet the situation, it is necessary to deal with in a timely manner to ensure the effectiveness of construction.

2.2.3 Floor tile construction

In the ground tile construction before, need to clean the ground in advance, the ground clean need to be wet processing, and the ground for plain cement slurry construction, control the water-cement ratio of plain cement slurry, scraping treatment, for the existence of construction gaps in the place to be wiped seam processing. Then choose the brick, in the specific paving, to avoid cracks, to ensure the smoothness of the joints, but also to control the color of the brick surface.

3.Quality management measures for construction of building decoration and renovation   

3.1 Develop an effective quality control program

Before the construction of decoration, the design drawings should be strictly reviewed, and if the drawings are not reviewed, no construction should be carried out. When the drawings are reviewed, the problems of errors, omissions and shortages on the drawings should be corrected in time; the quality control rules should be prepared according to the bidding documents of the project and the characteristics of the project to ensure the soundness of the quality management system. For the parts or links that are prone to quality problems, make good technical delivery and quality prevention work.

3.2 Do a good job in the construction process, technology and technology quality control

Building decoration construction has a certain degree of relevance and complexity, should be based on the actual situation of each project, the construction process for scientific and reasonable arrangements. During the construction, the key and weak links of the process quality control should be organized and arranged, and the coordination between the processes should be done well to avoid the construction quality being affected by cross-construction as far as possible.

In the technical aspect, we should pay special attention to the quality control and inspection of concealed works in order to improve the quality of decoration construction. In order to ensure the advanced and reasonable construction technology. The construction unit should arrange special personnel to test and continuously improve the not yet mature process. At the same time, an effective program for the use of new materials, new technologies, new processes and quality management program should be prepared and issued to each construction manager as the basis for construction site guidance. The construction characteristics, key links and control points of the decoration project are carefully analyzed, so as to develop reasonable construction techniques and construction methods and effectively ensure the construction quality.

3.3 Make good quality control of materials

The quality of decoration materials will have a direct impact on the quality of decoration construction, once the quality of construction materials does not meet the required standards, the quality of construction can not be guaranteed. Therefore, it is necessary to control the quality of construction materials in the decoration construction. Good material purchase, through the comparison, choose the quality and cheap materials, so that not only the quality of materials can be guaranteed, but also conducive to the reduction of material costs. And the materials purchased, need to also design requirements of the specifications, varieties, materials and performance in line with. When it is necessary to purchase materials in large quantities, it is necessary to choose a reputable supplier to ensure that the quality of materials can be guaranteed. For the construction materials that need to enter the field, need to do a good job of inspection and acceptance, detection of materials that may contain harmful ingredients, to avoid bringing harm to human health. In addition, the construction site also needs to strengthen the management of materials, take effective protective measures to ensure the stability of the nature of materials.

3.4 Do a good job of construction personnel training

Building decoration construction quality and the quality of construction personnel has a direct relationship, so you need to strengthen the technical training of construction personnel. Construction enterprises need to do a good job in the construction of safety, quality and technical training of construction personnel before they start construction, so that construction personnel can solidly master a variety of construction single process, construction process, in the construction process always put quality control in the first place, so as to effectively control the quality of construction, so that the overall quality of the project can be effectively guaranteed.


Construction decoration work is not only more processes, and the materials required are very complex, cross-construction phenomenon is very common in construction, so it is necessary to control the quality of each link in construction, further improve the construction rules and regulations, keep the quality control of construction materials, construction processes and construction procedures, and strive to improve the overall quality of construction personnel to ensure the overall improvement of the quality of construction decoration and decoration projects, for the To ensure the overall improvement of the quality of construction decoration projects and lay a good foundation for the healthy development of the construction industry.