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Why can’t you roll up when you do abdominal roll?

A lot of people can’t stick to it 4 ft barbell when they do abdominal roll, but they can’t roll up at the beginning, and they can’t complete abdominal roll action, so they can’t train at the beginning, so why can’t they roll up?

Lack of abdominal strength

The most important and direct reason why the abdomen can not be rolled up is the lack of abdominal strength.

Abdominal roll is relying on the strength of the abdomen, and is mainly the strength of the rectus abdominis. Usually lack of abdominal exercise, strength is too weak, then naturally can’t roll up, can’t do abdominal roll action. Want to roll up, the fundamental method is to carry out abdominal exercise, improve abdominal strength.

Excessive body fat

Some people can’t roll up their belly because they have too much fat and obesity, which leads to overweight. When they roll up, they need to fight against more weight, so they can’t roll up their belly.

How does roll abdomen roll to do

Do other abdominal exercises

If you can’t roll your belly up, you can do other abdominal exercises first to improve your abdominal strength. Such as flat support and supine leg lifting.

Simple abdominal roll

If you can’t roll up by relying on abdominal strength, you can lie on the yoga mat, grasp the two corners of the yoga mat on the head with both hands, pull up the yoga mat, and help the body roll up with some strength.

Insist on abdominal roll training

It’s normal that you can’t roll up because your abdomen is weak at first. At this point, we must adhere to abdominal training, even if the roll up, but the abdominal muscles are still powerful. As long as you pay attention to the action in place, then after one or two months of training, you can easily roll up the abdomen.

Fat people lose weight first

If you have too much fat and too much weight to roll up, you can do aerobic training first, lose body fat, try to make yourself thin first, and then do abdominal roll training.