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What are the classifications of Home furnishing?

Mainly divided into the overall Home furnishing, smart home and creative home. Today, we mainly introduce the whole home furnishing.


Simply put, it is the overall planning for the owner’s new house. From the overall planning of the structure, function, line, color and space of the room, to the overall arrangement of decorative materials, electrical appliances, lamps, sanitary ware, cabinets, furniture, etc., the new concept of home decoration is comprehensive and three-dimensional construction. Through the home decoration model room can be cut but understand the original kind of small house is very tight, very confined feeling, through the design and decoration of professional designers, the same can produce spacious, airy space feeling.

The “whole home furnishing ” includes two models of vertical alliance and horizontal alliance. The former is the home improvement company and manufacturer alliance, in the decoration of custom finished materials, such as decoration with line, decoration woodwork, paint, etc., or by the decoration company to build their own factories, independent research and development, into the field of production, to the design, production, construction systematization, large-scale development, or by the “whole home” supporting capacity of the manufacturer through Exclusive agents in the region directly facing the owners to provide the “whole home” products and services. Horizontal alliance is the integration of all industries related to home furnishing (such as furniture, home appliances, decorative materials, accessories, gardening, etc.) by the decoration company, forming a huge and extensive industrial chain. Through the integration of resources, the decoration company no longer provides only a single decoration service, but starts to make a role change, becoming a comprehensive provider of home products, providing consumers with a whole set of “one-stop services”.

The “whole home furnishing” requires designers to serve the entire process of home improvement projects. Including detailed communication before consultation, positioning the overall home style including home appliances and furniture, after the renovation, will also provide the owner with a comprehensive home layout and use of the program, in order to maintain the perfect style of the living room, to avoid the previous decoration design style and later furniture, home appliances and other styles are not uniform. The “whole home” brings together furniture, decorative materials, home appliances, accessories and other related home products through the “showroom” approach. Since the decoration company purchases home products through the group, the price is lower than the market price, and consumers get benefit from it.

Due to the establishment of independent decoration production base, it also makes the whole furniture, the whole kitchen, etc., and such as furniture, cabinets, decoration of woodwork and other products in the factory to achieve independent design and production, to avoid the previous on-site production of manual operation pollution, long construction period, easy to make mistakes and other drawbacks.


As a product of the industrialization of home furnishing, according to industry experts, it has obvious advantages with the traditional home furnishing model.
First of all, the traditional home furnishing design first, and many follow-up work disconnected, often difficult to fully achieve the desired effect of the design program. But the whole home can be selected, decoration and other issues with the overall style of home decoration harmonization.
Second, consumers involved in the overall home furnishing can be designed in the renovation of the design, construction, selection of materials and accessories and other tedious work all to the company to complete, saving time and effort.
Third, the overall home can alleviate the pollution problems that arise in the renovation, solving the pollution of noise and dust at the construction site. Even if problems arise, the responsibility is easy to divide and should be borne entirely by the home improvement company.
Fourth, home improvement companies through large-scale direct purchase of materials from building material manufacturers, to obtain quality and inexpensive products, consumers also get more affordable. In response to the central government’s six new policies, the future amount of housing development of small homes as the main product, the abolition of the clear water house delivery system launched, etc., the demand for the overall fine-decorated housing, the decoration company is another great business opportunity, but also a reshuffle of the test. Then, the overall home cost-effective accounted for the absolute advantage.

In short, the future development of the decoration industry, the whole home will certainly be able to replace part of the traditional manual workshop decoration mode, but also the future development of the decoration industry is an inevitable trend.


The whole home is launched in response to the requirements of the times, a scientific, advanced and comprehensive decoration concept and way. It uses the concept of the whole to look at the coordination of each aspect of the decoration. It requires more comprehensive and thoughtful design; faster and more environmentally friendly construction; and more centralized and rapid procurement of finished products. It is a new model to facilitate decoration consumption and is a one-stop home decoration solution.

Design concept

The overall home design concept interprets home design as a set of “decoration positioning planning”, “complete design plan” and “home accessories design” as a whole. “2+1” design mode. First of all, through “home function positioning, decoration feng shui positioning, decoration price positioning, design style positioning, construction plan positioning” five aspects to complete the preliminary “decoration positioning planning”, lock the overall direction of design and construction, etc., from the beginning of the design to achieve Secondly, through the four processes of “preliminary design plan → visual element design → application function design → overall design adjustment”, all the home decoration and decoration to be done and the overall effect of the design are expressed in the form of standardized drawings and with textual descriptions, forming a The “complete design plan” permeates the beauty to every cell of the family and turns the owner’s ideal into a realistic home.

Furthermore, through the “home accessories design”, the hard decoration and soft accessories design work is carried out simultaneously, and the home accessories design is integrated into the overall process of home decoration, with comprehensive consideration of structure, function, line, color and space, so that the harmony of the living room can be seen in all aspects.

The overall home design mode is rich in connotation and perfect in effect. It not only fundamentally solves the defects of traditional home design and decoration, but also has six advantages, becoming the home decoration mode with strong vitality that consumers love.