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Axes & Bolt Cutters By Fire Hooks Unlimited

Owing to product innovation and novel packaging, our products enjoy a high reputation in the worldwide markets. The 36 inch fiberglass handle is the longest on this list, which is good for getting the amount of force you need with a maul. While this tool may not be the first choice for someone looking for an axe, this is one of the best mauls out there if that’s what you need. The fiberglass handle is 34 inches long, just like the Michigan axes. This is perfect for getting a full arc with your swing, getting plenty of force with the strike. It’s a durable, affordable design for getting a reliable shaft.

Also, we have discussed the top three axe handle manufacturers to help you make a purchase right away. You can measure the length from the axe’s top edge to the knob situated at the bottom. However, the axe handle comes at a standard length of 36 inches. Also, the dark spots on the handle are the indication of the weak wood, and it will form a split after some time. Apart from that, lighter color streaks on the handle are not a cause of concern. The longest surviving axe handle manufacturing company, Tennessee Hickory, runs the business for the last ninety years.

Most commonly used wood for handles just because of its durability and important ability to absorb unwanted jerks because it provides flexibility. Always look for lightweight and comfortable handles which allows you to work for hours every day. Are you looking to split small to medium size logs, felling trees, clearing trails and bushes than you can buy wooden axes. They are not used very often, and they usually come in one piece. Although steel handles are considered very durable, they come with noticeable disadvantages which makes them less valuable. This is a crucial question that needs to be answered. One vital sign to judge the quality of a handle is to look into the grain orientation of the wood. Ash, Birch, Walnut and Carpinus Betulus are commonly used wood for ax handles especially in europian countries. They are not that strong, especially when working outside as compared to Hickory handles.

Splitting Maul with 6lb Fibreglass Shaft

If you can suggest edits after reading past the title I’d gladly make updates. As mentioned earlier, these handles are a friction fit and held on with a wedge. So the more wood that contacts the walls of the eye in the tool head, the better fit and longer it will last. That being said, most of the eyes in the tools aren’t perfectly shaped, nor are the replacement handles a perfect fit right off the store shelf. The handles are a ‘universal fit’ so they require a little work to get them to fit properly. Do the same with wood and it stays wet all over. I was tasked with splitting almost 2 chords of black walnut, oak, and some pine (ugh!!!) while at a campsite cleanup project.

This product is best for chopping and cutting through trees, branches, and roots, but not necessarily for fires. This product is best for outdoors folk who need it more for pulling roots, landscaping and for cutting down small trees and branches. This product is best for at-home landscaping, gardening, and small wood chopping projects. This product is best for shoppers looking to buy a reliable and very strong and durable Pulaski axe that will stand the test of time. This is the perfect tool for anyone looking to complete personal projects around the home to fire rangers needing something to effectively and safely stop fires. Alaska & Hawaii – Alaska and Hawaii shipping rates are only an estimate given on our website.

blade can make a crevice so the fork can fit in the bulkhead door. The spike can be used as a handle to pry open the crevice or it can pull the roof open after cutting it with a saw. The top of the axe is a striking plate so you can drive the fork into the crevice if necessary. The ring can be used to rope vent windows with a half hitch on the handle. Dynamic function of a sledge hammer and cutting axe. The overall weight with the handle is 10 pounds. And whether fiberglass axe handle is oem, , or . Again and again, you have seen hickory is mentioned as the best wood for the handle. However, you can find some alternatives as ash and oak. Other material choices like steel and fiberglass are also there, but wood is more environmentally friendly and comfortable on hands.

Axes of smaller sizes can do the finishing work by chopping them further into smaller chunks. These axes are widely used for camping as well just because they can easily be packed and perform a function like bushcraft and clearing trails. Since then, I have purchased my wood cut, split and delivered for about $220 Cdn a cord. Eventually, when my kids get old enough to help, I’m going to head back to the woods to get my own firewood. For inquiries about our products or pricelist, please leave your email to us and we will be in touch within 24 hours. So if you’ve been looking for a high-quality axe that has many bonus features in the design then this could be the axe for you. The design is meant to make things much easier on you while also keeping safety at the forefront when chopping wood.

I’m sure it would suck to have it happen and have fiberglass in your arms and probably your face and chest. A splitting axe has a head with thin cheeks and a sharp blade. Swinging an axe downwards splits the wood along the grains and breaks apart the fibers, unlike traditional axes, which go across. Handles come in different shapes, sizes and can be made of American hickory wood or of strong fiberglass material. American hickory handles with great grains orientations are very strong and can last long. Fiberglass or plastic handles are hollow, unbreakable and lightweight that allow you to work for hours without tiring.

The big brand manufacturers simply could not agree to all adhere to the same norm, for example DIN 7249. And of course the eyes of hand forged throwing axes will have rather individual shapes. It is thus recommended to get a handle that has about the same form and proportions as the axe eye it is intended for. Make sure it’s somewhat bigger than the eye, and then use a file or microplane to fit it perfectly. Synthetic handles can be shortened to have the length fitting your personal axe throwing style. Just as with wood, a hand saw allows you to cut the handle – it will easily bite through the plastic and the fiberglass core. The handle end will only fray if you had to cut through a rubber coating. It’s that easy and cheap to have your personal fine-tuned throwing axe! For reference, see also the chapter “handle length” in Dieter Führer’s “Guide to knife & axe throwing” [Dieter Führer 2014]. I have been throwing axes at competitions for 15 years – and never broke one of my fiberglass axe handles!